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Adding and Modying approvers requires the Department ID myUF Marketplace Authorized Approver Form for Requisitions and Invoices. Please visit the Department Approvers webpage for complete instructions and attach the completed form below. *Note* All invoice approver additions, removals and changes require an updated form.

To learn more about change orders, please visit our toolkits.

Did you know you could close your own POs?  Review toolkit for instructions.

For common error messages, please visit

For frequently asked questions, please review the FAQ.

Need to find out how to create a recurring invoice?  Click here.

Need to access or edit a returned invoice?  Click here.

Please do not reject invoices that do not belong to your department.

For a Walkthrough on making changes to an existing supplier portal:  Click here
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Please enter the Purchase Order (PO) number(s) below. 

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Provide the invoice number for disbursements to determine where the invoice belongs. Invoices that are rejected cannot be paid and thus should only be rejected by the invoice department owners.
Invoice/PO/Requisition/Change Order/etc.
Invoice/PO/Requisition/Change Order/etc.
1099 Request

To request a new combination code, please select the following link:

Please review our chartfield information at 

Describe if you need the PO Closed or Re-Opened in the "Please describe what you need assistance with" box

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Please include a screenshot of the error message or invoice.

Asset Management
For assistance with Asset Management, please email
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For assistance with Banking & Merchant Services, please email
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For assistance with Construction Accounting, please email
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External Financial Reporting
For assistance with External Financial Reporting, please email
Financial Data Solutions
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For PCard and Travel Support, please click here.
For PCard and Travel Support, please click here.